#240: 3 Types of Profitable Digital Courses You Can Create (And How to Choose the Best One For Your Business)

Project Description

When it comes to picking the format of your next digital course, the options may seem… daunting. Because thanks to the growing demand for online trainings, there are A LOT of choices out there today.

So how do you know which one is right for you?

Today, I’m taking all of the confusion out of what can be a tough choice, and giving you three solid choices to pick from. These three are based on my experience as a course creator, and what I think works best for my students overall.

I’ll walk through each of the three, giving you the pros and cons, as well as examples from my students.

Then make sure you stay on until the end, where I give you the exact questions to ask to help determine which of the three are right for you.

Just in case you don’t want to take any notes, I have a handy new freebie called The Ultimate Course Creation Starter Kit, where I have included a breakdown of the three types of courses, as well as how to name your course (by the way, after you name your digital course, everything starts to fall into place when it comes to your course creation!). Download that extra special freebie here.

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