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I have always been an enterpreneur in my life, taking new ideas to be launched on the market, investing our own money into projects in Hungary and mainly abroad.  My business history takes me back to the US and Canada where I have been involved in food supplement export import and brand development.  There is a 25 years of experience in building businesses, manoeuvring on the rough waters of the commercial market, facing lots of challenges,  building new strategies according to the changes of the market and reaching heights with sales and business results.

“I have never been an employee and never had a boss”

so if you are an employee and you want to know how to climb up the corporate leader, then I am not the perfect person for you.  However if you are an emloyee and you are considering to leave that world and have your own company you would like to build, then you can come to me and I will be the best support for you with all the means I have.

“I have lived great heights and lows during my years in buisness “

When you build your own business, there is only 1 direction to go is: to move forward and find the way to the best possible future.  You have to set clear directions where you are heading to and you have to be flexible to react immediately, creatively to whatever the market brings you.  Creativity in finding solutions, coming up with new ideas, new products or services, and in your communication is inevitable and very important.   This is what always helped me getting  from the most difficult times to successful times.   My positive mindset and my – do whatever it takes to find solutions – attitude has been my biggest strength on my way to reach success.  This is what I can offer you once you start working with me.

“My passion is empowering WOMEN”…

There are so many women who feel that they want to live up to their own potential and they want to do more that just serving the family and hiding behind household chores.  There are more and more women who begin to listen to their inner voice, an inner desire to create more, do add more to life and people around, and to live up to their potentiality.  Our ag we live in gives perfect opportunity for us to do that.  We women have never been more free to do whatever is being born inside of us, and never been able to show the world our richness, creativity and talents.

I love to be a catalyst in this process and inspire ladies to do and act in order to live up to their own potential.

If you are not yet brave enough or you are not clear about your own personal path, then a 3rd eye view of you is always helpful to show you a mirror and reflect you something you might not even know of yourself.

I am a big beleiver of personlal growth and evolution so I motivate ladies to find time and energy to  develop and grow.  In Hungary I have been an active producer of peersonal growth content through Feminacademy social network.

Im also a big beleiver of women circles.  If you are alone and you feel a little lost and need support or strength or acceptance, its  always a great opportunity to find power partners who can add to your life and provide you with an emotional support!

And once you have found what you want and you are ready to step out and expose yourself with it, then come to me, connect, write and I will be able to navigate you on the journey you choose.


Robert and Kim Kyosaki one of the worlds most successful business couple,  bestseller book writers of Rich Dad Poor Dad and founders of their coaching School for Financial Intelligence.  They inspire me to always learn and grow and surrender myself with professionals in order to grow my business and help others to grow.


Cathrine Woodward Thomas is a wonderful trainer, psychologist who developed programs for ladies to be able to step into their true potencial, surrender, let go old stories and be ready to create the best future for yourself.

Claire Zammit one of the worlds leading traininrs for feminine empowerment.  She has taught hundreds of thousands of women worldwide to get empowered and live up to your fullest potential.

Dr Dain Heer the founder of Access Consciousness.  The teachings of Access helped me to live my life with ease, see things from different perspective that nurtures a life affirming relationship with myself.  He also taught me to open up, expand because anything is possible.

T. Harve Ecker who taught me how to be spiritual and in good relationship with money.  He also highlighted the importance of our emotions concerning money.  His Millionaire Mind Program is fantastic and gave me a boost in my life.

Alex Mandossian my great business mentor, the founder of www.marketingonline.com and coach and mentor of the biggest and the greatest teachers, mentors.  He is simplifying business for me and shows clear direction to move forward to.

Dr Joe Vitale – writer of The Law of Attraction and Miracles, Zero Limits, training me to become a better person, better mentor, coach using his clearing techniques he beleives at, that brought him from homeless to Millionaire.


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