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The all-in-one membership platform of the future for content creators, influencers, artists, celebrities and retail chains.

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What is the BERCODE platform?


you can finally take control, manage,

collect data from your membership fees,

 you may sell them exclusive, branded items content through your own webshop,

and give them additional rewards, discounts for being loyal to your brand, by signing up discount partners to your community.

Develop recurring income stream

Stop investing your hours to get paid.  Monetize your talent, wisdom, knowledge and get yourself partoned by your followers, fans, community on a monthly basis.

Collect data, manage and communicate directly to your members, followers

Stop depending on Facebook, Instagram algorithms to be able to reach your passionate followers, community and start building direct communication with them any time you want.  Enjoy the comfort of reaching 100% of your fans, followers at any time, not only when you boost your communication for extra amount of money.

Sell them exclusive branded items, event tickets and more via your own webshop

Build loyalty and passion by offering your community, passionate followers exclusive branded items, event tickets and whatever you decide creatively to reward them with.  Enjoy the process of building emotional bond even further with them.  And in the same time develop a second income stream for yourself.

Reward your fans, followers with discounts by adding retail stores, discount offer partners with a click to your community

Adding extra benefits, to your community – that is outside of your own services, portfolio –  has never been easier.  No need to worry about administration, you just need to talk to any retail stores who need more traffic and new customers and if they are able to offer discount to your community, then you just add them to your platform with a click of a button.  You just need to close the deal add new discount partners and inform your community about this bonus, benefit exclusive for them.

With this opportunity, you not only develop stronger bond with your community, but also create 3rd income stream for yourself. How?

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You only have a few discount partners? No problem at all!  Grow the number of discount partners in a day from 2 to 1000!  How?

By being a BERCODE platform user, you have the choice to collaborate with other influencers and offer their discount partners to your own  network, fans, followers with a click of a button.

In our application, you will find all the partners of all the BERCODE platform users and it is your decision wether you see the huge value or not in offering thousands of discount stores for your people without having to close the deal with each of them.  Save time and energy by connecting to a platform that is able to manage and handle unlimited number of BERCODE PLATFORM USERS, INFLUENCERS, CONTENT CREATORS with unlimited number of discount stores added to their network.  Connect the power, forces and enjoy the ease of building even stronger bond by being able to focus on your most important job: content creation.

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With BERCODE PLATFORM  you have  unlimited potential to strengthen the bond and offer benefits for your fans, followers!

How expensive and difficult is it to start using the BERCODE platform?

It is faster, easier and cheaper than you think.

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